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Description-tr: Debian paket yönetim sistemi Bu paket, Debian yazılım paketlerinin kurulumu ve kaldırılmasını ele alan düşük seviye yapı sağlar. . Debian paket geliştirme araçları için, dpkg-dev yükleyin. Package: dpkg-dev

lipid synthesis, while inhibiting lipid catabolism. Here, we describe the dual purpose with the lysosome in lipid transport and biogenesis, and we examine how integration of these two processes could Engage in critical roles each in normal physiology and in condition.

Description-tr: hierarchical pool based memory allocator - advancement files A hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors. It makes use of reference counting to determine when memory should be freed. . Bu paket geliştirme dosyalarını içerir. Deal: libtalloc2-dbg

Description-tr: otomatik metin dosyası oluşturucu AutoGen is really a tool suitable for creating system data files that have repetitive text with varied substitutions. This is very useful if there are several blocks of such textual content that should be saved synchronized. . Incorporated with AutoGen is actually a tool that virtually gets rid of the trouble of processing solutions, retaining usage textual content current etc.

Michael:forty yaşlarında, erken ''emekli'' olan,Vinewood'da bulunan evinde havuz karşısında içkisini yudumlarken bir yandan beraber yaşadvertisementığı aylak oğlu,gözü havalarda olan kızı,sadakatsiz eşi ve kendisinden nefret eden bir yandan ise parası için onu dolandıran aşırı pahalı terapisti ile uğraşıyor.

Description-tr: Durum paketleri oluşturmak için betik This package deal can be employed to clone/restore the packages on the apt based system.

Shut Introducing a multi-cloud Answer that permits continuous delivery of new infrastructure and applications.

The M8Pe joins the M5 Pro for a standout solution. This series continues to be click here a little bit rough within the edges, but there is plenty of substance for us to suggest it for the majority of end users. Review $533.00Amazon

If you are at high risk and you have the potential to take action, It's also possible to access the submission system via a secure operating system referred to as Tails. Tails is really an running system released from a USB stick or even a DVD that purpose to leaves no traces in the event the computer is shut down immediately after use and automatically routes your internet targeted visitors via Tor.

Intel, the planet’s largest maker of semiconductor chips, have racked up the losses from the unfavorable sales of the companies’ revenues while in the…

A folding geometric facade makes this creating by Japanese architecture organization Amano Structure Office stand out from its neighbors. Dealing with the back again facet of the the central street in ginza, tokyo, the surroun…

Description-tr: office productiveness suite -- Nepali language package LibreOffice; Microsoft(R) Office'e en çAlright benzeyen tam özellikli ofis üretkenlik çözümüdür. . This package incorporates the localization of LibreOffice in Nepali. It has the person interface, the templates and also the autotext options. (remember to note that not All of this is obtainable for all possible languages). You are able to change consumer interface language using the locales system.

Description-tr: office productivity suite -- Tsonga language bundle LibreOffice; Microsoft(R) Office'e en çOkay benzeyen tam özellikli ofis üretkenlik çözümüdür. . This package consists of the localization of LibreOffice in Tsonga. It incorporates the consumer interface, the templates along with the autotext options. (remember to Notice that not all this is readily available for all doable languages). You'll be able to switch consumer interface language using the locales system.

Description-tr: Collection of more GTK+ widgets - documentation information libsexy is a group of GTK+ widgets that extend the performance of such standard widgets as GtkEntry and GtkLabel by subclassing them and dealing around the constraints of the widgets. . They're the documentation data files. . Anasayfa: Package: libsexy2

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